ELement Thirteen

Aluminum Jewellery Q & A


Q:  Will my aluminium jewellery tarnish? 

A:  No, Aluminium jewelry will not tarnish.  It may become dull or dirty but it can easily be washed by gently washing it between your hands with a mild soap.  It will not turn your skin green.

Q: Is aluminium jewellery heavy?

A: No.  Aluminium is extremely lightweight so is much more comfortable to wear then jewelry made from other metals.

Q: Can I wear my jewellery while swimming, doing dishes, etc.?

A: Yes, aluminium is great because it does not tarnish in water, you can’t hurt it buy getting it wet.

Q: Will the colour wear off on the coloured pieces?

A: The anodized aluminium is fairly hard but it can be easily scratched by hard or sharp objects. Also, it will fade if left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.  Therefore, it is best stored in a separate container within your jewellery box.  With proper care you can expect your coloured aluminium jewelry to stay beautiful for a number of years.

Q: Is aluminium hypoallergenic?

A: Because aluminium is lead, cadmium and nickel free, it is rare that people will have an adverse reaction when wearing it.  In fact, I have a number of customers that can ONLY wear aluminium.

Q: What are your ear wires made of?

A: In most instances, my earrings are made of silver plated brass.  I have not encountered any customers who have reacted to them, they are nickel, lead and cadmium free.  Occasionally I use aluminium ear wires which enjoy the same benefits of the main metal in each piece.