I am

Tannis Wilson

Self taught jewellery artist, proud Canadian, mother of both skin and fur babies, teacher, football coach and a red head that gets bored very easily.

How did this happen?

My dad, RIP pappa Geo, owned an aluminium foundry when I was a kid. When I discovered that I truly loved  making stuff, jewellery in particular, I decided to make my super funky statement jewellery out of aluminium, to honour my pops. He helped me build my first backyard furnace and gave me tips on how to melt the aluminium and how to ensure the purity.  

I'd love to make something just for you.

Please, really...please come see me at a show and I'll make something just for you, right on the spot. 

I have a lot of really cool prebuilt designs, but if they aren't speaking to you, I can make something that you will absolutely love. 

Don't worry my web people...I can do the same thing of you. I work in all sizes of aluminium wire, and can make earrings, bangles, necklaces, anklets, arm bands and more. All you have to do is ask.